My name is Gabrielle. I am an aspiring writer of creative non fiction. Good writing causes a reaction. I hope mine causes one in every one of my (12) readers. My first attempt at a blog didn’t get very far, and thank the universe and all her glory. It was titled “Tidbits of Gabrielle”. Cringe-y, I know. Obvi my blog and I are work in progress, just like all of the writings you can’t wait to read (wink wink). I like to write about shit that other people don’t. (How pretentious does that sound). I'm gong to try to post twice a week but I like to claim I'm too busy for my own good so we shall see. My pen name is Goober :).

P.S.- check out the images page for books I've read and recommend.

P.P.S.- Sometimes I write in my notebook other times my first draft is written on my Mac. I'll post a picture of the first draft if I wrote it in my notebook.